Occam Health Services

Occam Health Services is at the leading edge of healthcare services, helping patients and their physicians find the right resources and therapies on behalf of our biopharma clients. By combining state-of-the-art technologies with clinical value based programs and services, Occam Health delivers cost efficient and innovative solutions today and advances the frontier of what is possible tomorrow.

Our commitment to staying on the leading edge drives everything we do with our biopharma clients – including Cloud Script™ our industry defining platform to perform hub services under customized support models ranging from internal or outsourced to hybrid or hosted on-site.

As an independent service provider, Occam Health brings focused attention to improving access, speed to therapy, and care coordination for specialty products. For decades our leaders have built and delivered patient centric solutions in the pharmaceutical and biologic services market. Their experience includes management of successful hub programs, varied specialty distribution models, strategic contracting with PBMs and Payors, legal and regulatory counseling, as well as product launch and promotional services.

By design, Occam Health is a safe and effective compliance partner for meeting the patient and provider support needs of our biopharma clients.

Cloud Script™

Increasing speed to therapy with secure cloud based smart portal and case management technology.

Full Service Hub

Complete set of proactive support services to successfully enroll and maintain patients on therapy.

Dynamic Cost Share™

Compliant and integrated access across all lanes of financial support.